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text dump

just for my own reference because you can't search dialogue within a flash, quirkless because DAMN is that shit annoying

KANKRI: Now I realize we've been at this for some time already, but at the risk of derailing the dialogue you initiated, and may I say just how thrilled I am that you did, Karkat, I would just like to qualify my entire analysis of your "Alternian culture" by saying that in contrast with life on Beforus, while your people may have engaged in violent, lethal class struggle for millions of sweeps, by no means does this imply that the Beforan way of life was entirely without problematic elements, perhaps even more disturbing and insidious for their lack of acknowledgement and open discussion, particularly as a consequence of what in my view were widely and dismayingly unexamined systematic social injustices resulting from the entrenched power dynamics in play, dynamics strikingly similar to those of your planet's markedly more bellicose iteration, which has only served to fully vindicate my hypothesis that such a hierarchy is really predicated on intrinsic dysfunction, and failure to shift all the usual narratives and undiagnosed problems into an open, judgment-free discourse through which problematic issues are constructively channeled into more intelligently problematized avenues of discussion.

KANKRI: Now before I continue, it is ony decent of me to warn you about certain triggers that are surely ahead in this essay. I mean conversation. Triggers include but likely will not be limited to class oppression, culling culture and violence against grubs, lusus abuse, complementary and analogous hate speech, pail filling, slurries and other concupiscent fluids, lifespan shaming, ableist slurs, prolix dissertation... Actually, maybe it would be easier for you to list your triggers, and I'll do my best to avoid those topics, or navigate them more delicately, if at all possible?  #TW #Oppression #culling #grub violence #lusus abuse #hemophobia #pails #slurries

KANKRI: Great. It sounds like you don't have any triggers, at least none that you know about. I'll proceed with caution nevertheless. Just please let me know if you start feeling triggered by anything I'm saying, and we can take a brief time-out while you summon your moirail to help pacify you, assuming you have one. Not that I'm presuming you do, but I heard that you did, is that correct? If not, I apologize. I further apologize if your orientation precludes the possibility, as a pale aromantic, panquadrant demiromantic, something in the gray palesexual department or such, and hopefully you are not triggered by such presumptuous concillianormative language. It wouldn't be the first time I was guilty of such an inexcusable microaggression, and I am not so oblivious to my own romantic privilege to believe it will be the last time either.  #concillianormativity #microaggressions #rom privilege #presumptuous #moirails

KANKRI: I'm glad I brought up the subject of unexamined privilege, because it dovetails beautifully with the point I was about to make regarding Beforan society and its savage umbral potentiality which later manifested through the kind of Alternian brutality you are all too familiar with. Those in the higher echelons of the hemospectrum such as the ceruleans, or "blue bloods" (careful, being loose with such terminology is opening the floodgates to a whole host of toxic signist language and hemophobic slurs), when addressing the challenges faced by those lower on the spectrum, such as the midhues or in particular warm castes like umbers, ochres, or "rust bloods" (another slur, highly problematic, deeply offensive and triggering terminology, strongly imploring you steer clear of this term), they would be well advised to check their cerulean privilege, particularly before dismissing hardships or marginalizing claims of oppression, which can be difficult for them to identify or empathize with from their advantageous position within the Beforan/Alternian power structures.  #dovetail #problematic #power structures #toxic signist language

KANKRI: And some may argue that in our peaceful "utopian" culture that we have freed ourselves from injustice and disparities in privilege in a post-scarcity economy, largely equal rights distributed across the hemospectrum, and therefore exist in a "post-spectral world" (laugh out loud), and therefore there is no need to champion important social causes and there is nothing left to debate, but really nothing could be further from the truth. You just need to educate yourself and carefully investigate the lonstanding power dynamics in play. For instance, a seemingly "harmless" remark from a cisblooded cerulean toward an umbre or God forbid a burgundy or yes even a warm-identifying physically-cooler caste, about their long term future plans such as on the order of centuries, then this may prove to be a very hurtful microaggression due to the fact that lowhues cannot possibly live that long themselves, and the more privileged caste could easily outlive dozens of generations of midhues or hundreds of generations of BUOYS (burgundy-umber-ochre-yellowgreens, note please avoid describing the lattermost as "lime bloods" as it has historically been used as an especially vicious epithet). Such remarks can further trigger painful reminders of how cooler casts, to some extent OJAs, but CIPs and Royal-Vs in particular, have been able to use their tremendous lifespans over the millenia to gain a stranglehold over the social order, have been able to completely dictate our societal evolution by ensuring only their cultural agendas and narratives receive the dialogue's air supply, assuring the codification of those resultant ideals and deciding what "normalcy" entails, and sadly these absolutes become internalized across the full spectral range, even within those of most compromised privilege, and so you begin to see the cyclical nature of the dysfunction and the resulting inertia against positive change and raising awareness of the most underproblematized issues, which I think we can agree, is pretty problematic.  #post spectral world #191 #BUOYs #OJAs #CIPs #Royal Vs #narratives #agendas #narratives

KANKRI: And really, it's everyone's business to examine their privilege, even burgundies, who may be subject to the pitfall of believing incorrectly there are none on the scale beneath them whom they enjoy certain privilege over, which off-spectrum trolls will never know, such as those identifying as otherbloods or caste-multiples, "polyblooded", any who hemoglobically ID as having a caste which manifests nowhere (as yet known) in anyone physically, or for that matter offspecs who physically do possess such a blood type, or "mutants" (VERY problematic term, highly triggering to some, be warned), such as you and I, Karkat. But this puts us both in a situation which to our knowledge uniquely allows us to understand and empathize with tragically underprivileged and unempowered groups across all scuttles of life, thus affording us both what I like to call a "uniquely underprivileged privilege", which, yes, is a kind of privilege we should both strive to check as well, whenever we can. This same uniquely underprivileged perspective as I'm sure you know was disadvantaged upon my post-scratch iteration as well, and while I have no doubt you justifiably came to revere that figure of your planet's rich history and your personal lineage, and while his goals of peace, equality, and a truly spectrablind society, I'm afraid I have trouble condoning his methods. I don't like to use the term "problematic" lightly, but, well, his tactics were nothing if not massively problematic, to say the least, employing violent uprising to effect change, and emblazoning his mark upon history and his faithful followers with the salty flourish of a single rude, shouted swear word, it's not to my taste even though he is who I would have grown up to be in another life. But no, I prefer to effect social change through rational, honest discourse and contributing to ongoing dialogues, focusing on what should be the real goals, through keen adherence to the discipline of Problematics, ensuring that we stay focused on successfully problematizing a wide range of direly undercomplicated social dilemmas.  #undercomplication #salty flourish #rude shouted swear word #spectrablind society

KANKRI: It's nice to see we agree on so much. Maybe we are not so unalike, despite our drastically different upbringings. Anyway, as I was saying, the story of your ancestor, and more importantly my exhaustive list of misgivings with his approach to social change, is quite a long and elaborate one, but it actually fits brilliantly within the larger mosaic which captures the broad strokes of my post. I mean our discussion. Trigger warnings for the following content include: ancestor bashing, faith shaming, loud swearing, torture, burn wounds, ship sinking... again, seriously, just let me know if you begin to feel triggered by anything, even slightly. We'll pause and see if we can really explore those issues, and identify how I may have invalidated your struggles. Without further ado, the story is as follows:  #TW #ancestor bashing #shaming #swearing #torture #burns #ship sinking #struggles

PORRIM: Kanny, leave this poor kid alone.
KANKRI: I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't call me that. We've talked about this. That's what you call a wiggler. Do I look like a wiggler to you, Porrim? No, I don't. It's been three sweeps, plus eternity, for, excuse me, "fuck's" sake. I think we can safely retire that particular term of "endearment". Call me anything but that, even my other nickname. I'm actually ok with that one.  #microaggressions #no wait #MACROaggressions more like
PORRIM: I'm not calling you Insufferable, Kanny. Well, not unless I'm using it as an actual adjective.  #And even then, probably not to your face.
PORRIM: Well...  #Not often I mean
KANKRI: It would be nice if you'd at least use my proper name in front of my studious young Alternian descendant. It really kind of erodes my credibility, and I don't need that in the proximity of a fresh faced youngster who clearly thirsts for knowledge. Why would you want to sabotage a fine young man's education like that?  #Fresh #Faced #Youngster #Knowledge thirst
PORRIM: Rolling my eyes here.
PORRIM: Can you see? Do you want me to light them up for you?
KANKRI: No, but thanks for offering. Could you go roll them over there? Thank you. Now where was I.  #How do you even roll eyes without pupils?
PORRIM: I don't think he cares.
PORRIM: Hey there. Karkat? If you don't mind my asking... are you even remotely interested in the loaf supplement this guy's serving?
PORRIM: Gotcha. You just said all you needed to say.
PORRIM: You know, you are actually very cute.
PORRIM: That girl who's been wandering around in the dragon suit is a very lucky lady.
KANKRI: Ok, wonderful. That conversation just came to an end.
KANKRI: Porrim, please don't hit on my rebooted kid ancestor-descendant. It's really weird. Not to mention, he looks exactly like me? I mean, kind of obviously? So when you're hitting on him, it's like you're hitting on me at the exact same time, which like I said. It's weird.  #It's weird
KANKRI: Not to get into all this again, but the thought of dating you... it's just a strange and vaguely offputting idea. No offense. It almost makes me understand at a visceral level the bizarre human anathema of incest, which is something I can't really explain. I'm just saying.  #Trigger warning #Incest #Anathemas #Viscerality #Vaguely #Offputting
PORRIM: (Very deep sigh.)  #Oh my God.
KANKRI: I'm SORRY, ok? I'm sorry that I am, perhaps literally, the only one not to ever fall prey to your tireles omnidirectional solicitations, or to get swept up in one of your innumerable flushed or caligionous flings. I happened to always prefer you as a friend, and in any case, I always preferred to lead a relatively chaste existence, as it keeps me focused on fighting on behalf of truly important problems. Although staying "relatively" chaste to you I suppose is not saying much.
PORRIM: ...  #Hey.
KANKRI: Once again, I apologize. I've blundered into the problematic territory of vacillation shaming, thus opening the floodgates to the myriad ways one may be disadvantaged by its staggering shame radius. I forgot to check my piety privilege, and here we are. I was going to cover this topic in a much later chapter of my lecture, but we've gotten badly derailed here.  #TW #Derailment #Train wrecks #Choo choo catastrophes
KANKRI: Karkat, I'm sorry for this interruption. I promise I'll get back to my critical lecture as soon as this promiscuous busybody leaves us in peace.  #Village two wheel device
PORRIM: Yes, critical lecture. I'm sure.
PORRIM: And am I right in being just as sure you are assiduously deconstructing every conceivable, hypothetical form of injustice no matter how obscure, except those that I happen to think are kind of important?  #Yes
KANKRI: No. Just, no, Porrim. We're not doing this.  #No
KANKRI: I am not going to pollute Karkat's utterly imperative crash course, in which he is introduced to the ABSOLUTE BASICS, by indulging your pet issues.
PORRIM: Yes, how dreadful it would be for your sixty nine million word essay to get bogged down by even the faintest reference to the roles of gender in Beforan and Alternian civilization.  #"HUMAN SARCASM"
KANKRI: Look, it's not that I'm insensitive to your concerns on that topic. I'm interested to discuss them with you on an academic, primarily theoretical level.
PORRIM: Theoretical?  #...
KANKRI: I just think there is inherent danger in muddying the waters of discourse by introducing social issues which are suspect at best, thus consuming crucial resources from the limited cache of rhetoric which propels these narratives. And furthermore, one could argue that it's more than a little problematic, offensive even, for you to be appropriating the lexicon of sensitivity used to advance awareness of major issues, thus reducing it to the level of buzzspeak and pseudoscience. It makes it more difficult for those of us who are genuinely focused on positive change to be taken seriously, that's all.
PORRIM: Appropriating??  #That's not #what that even #means?
PORRIM: PSEUDOSCIENCE???  #You did not just...
KANKRI: I'm sorry, I just don't think there's much there. We aren't like humans, whose species bizarrely enough includes highly specialized roles for both sexes in the process of reproduction, and so this naturally had social ramifications for the way their civilization evolved. But that's not how it works for us, so I fail to see how gender factors into the discussion in a way that can be effectively and rationally problematized. Where is the room for unexamined privilege in the dichotomy? I don't see it. And appropriating the talking points and awareness-raising tactics for dubious issues like this is, frankly, frowned upon, to put it politely. Such appropriative gestures only serve to marginalize and invalidate those subject to serious, real life struggles and oppression, and I guess I'm a little disappointed to see you being so blithely and inappropriately appropriatory.  #Frowned upon #Frowns all upon #Welcome to frown town
PORRIM: Kanny, I'm starting to feel just a little bit triggered by all this "appropriation" bullshit.  #Trigger warning: #About to kick your tall pantsed ass
KANKRI: Oh! My sincere apologies. I should have done a better job tagging my statements, but for future reference, it's helpful to alert your conversational partners to your triggers well in advance. Should I go fetch your moirail to help settle you down? And if so, who exactly would be filling that quadrant today?  #It's the mayor, right? #Gotta be the mayor
PORRIM: Alright. Obviously you're in one of your bratty moods. I'm gone.
KANKRI: Don't be like that. Really, we can talk about whatever you like later, and I'll be really sympathetic, I promise. Just not around my pupil while he is still learning.
KANKRI: Or... my descendant. What did I say? Haha. Karkat, I mean. Anyway, Karkat, again I apologize for that.  #Now where was I?

KANKRI: What? You want to be me? What sort of nonsense request is that?
KANKRI: Can't you see I'm in the middle of a direly important word dump? I mean man-to-man conversation with Karkat?
KANKRI: I might consider it if you asked more nicely. Or at the very least, more "radically".

LATULA: Bro!!!! I hear you've been hassling the new kids. What is UP with that???
KANKRI: Hassling? Far from it. I've merely discovered a new and far less ungrateful flock which has not yet become woefully jaded to my messages of positive social change.  #New followers
LATULA: You can't fool me Kankz. You are boring that poor dude to death. You just want to make a ghost out of him so you can keep him here forever.
LATULA: Which ain't right! You have to let that bro die of his own MAD VOLITIONZ.  #re: #mistakes #like us
KANKRI: Can you scoot away on your little wheeled toy for immature wigglers? I was in the middle of a sermon.  #I mean, conversation
LATULA: Why don't you save him some grief and give him one of your old memoz?
LATULA: Ahahah, remember thoze? How many sweeps did you spend trying to force us to read that trash?  #fruity righteous blowhard factory
KANKRI: I don't remember. And no, I won't be sharing my old memos with him. They were written very poorly, and my methods of argumentation were flawed and extremely childish. I've deleted most of those memories from these bubbles, so don't bother rooting around for them. Frankly, they stunk.
LATULA: Hey!  #>8[
KANKRI: Oh, man, I'm sorry. I completely forgot that "stunk" was an ableist slur. Please forgive my insensitivity toward your disability.  #tw #tw #tw #sorry #tw #ableism
LATULA: Itz chill, I was only acting offended to bug you.
KANKRI: No, really, it was inexcusable of me. I should have at least preceded my callous remark with a trigger warning.  #Trigger warning: #Embarrassed retractions ahead
KANKRI: I have no business making light of your impairment, thus failing to check my nasal privilege, and potentially bringing back painful and devastatingly triggering memories of the old cycle of revenge between you and some friends which resulted in the loss of your olfactory sense. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first about whether that really qualified as a true disability warranting sensitivity and the promotion of awareness, but being close to you as a friend and closely examining my privilege has really opened my eyes. Oops, that euphemism is slightly ableist to the blind, what I meant was "broadened my horizons on the nature of disability." Sorry.  #Nasal privilege #Horizons #Broadness #Horizontal width longenning
LATULA: Yeah! That's funny, cause it never would have occurred to me to take it all that seriously as a handicap without you making a federal case out of it for so long on my behalf. So, thankz Kank!!!  #MAD disadvantaged brotimez
KANKRI: My pleasure. Really, it is truly amazing that you have managed to triumph over such adversity to become a great role model for others, excellent at video games, and a totally stellar stakeboarding person, all while being a girl no less.

KANKRI: Be me? I...
KANKRI: I'm not sure if that's...
LATULA: Aw come on Kanklez!!! Pleeeeeeease???
KANKRI: Well...
KANKRI: Ok. I'll interrupt my imperative monol... dialogue just this once.
KANKRI: For you.

KANKRI: One moment please, Karkat. I'm going to wander around briefly, in an autonomous fashion. I know you're very excited to continue our discussion, and I promise I'll return very shortly so that we may resume. Just remain standing here in this exact spot, while you take time to let the wisdom of my words take root in your heart, and try not to wander off with anybody, ok? Be right back.  #"brb"

KANKRI: Oh, hey, Latula. I thought I heard your device grinding on various surfaces nearby.
KANKRI: How are your athletic toy stunts going? Are you getting a lot of... a lot of "air"? Am I saying that right?  #Did you hang.... #Hang 10? #No that can't be right...
LATULA: You knowz it bro!!!
LATULA: You can't even TOUCH this. I'm escaping to the side, from above, from every which way basically!!!!
KANKRI: Well, I wasn't going to attempt to make any sort of physical contact with you, and even if I did, I have no doubt that you would be able to maneuver away from my grasp on your speedy little platform. Either way, I'm more than content to let you escape in any direction of your choosing, if that's your wish.
LATULA: Dude. Just when I think you've already said the squarest thing possible, you go and say something like that.
KANKRI: Haha. I guess. You know, it's really nice we can talk like this.
LATULA: It is...
KANKRI: Yes. I was just thinking lately, about our new post-scratch friends. Particularly the young Vantas and Pyrope iterations on their team, and how they're pretty similar to us, but also really different.
LATULA: Yeah. Lil me is blind! Did you even KNOW that?  #Have you seen her lil dragon suit?? eeee! #SO cute >8]
KANKRI: Yes, but that's not what I'm talking about.
KANKRI: She and Karkat have a different relationship from the one we have. Theirs is much more turbulent, which is fueled presumably by romantic tension. I'm picking up on some major vacillation vibes from their situation. It's kind of unfortunate, but it makes me grateful that we never got to that point.
LATULA: Hellz yeah. Who needs that?
KANKRI: I'm sure it's mostly due to the fact that we've stayed entirely away from the stingbug's nest of romantic entanglement. Which of course is related to my oath of celibacy, which as you know is just a personal choice, one which for some reason my post-scratch adult self eventually strayed from... with... Meulin, of all people? But that's neither here nor there.  #Seriously. #I mean, she's nice, but... #Really?
LATULA: Hahahaha... You and Meuz. Still cracks me up... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  #:3 #heheheh
KANKRI: Yes. But regardless. What I'm saying is, it's great that we stayed away from that. It's helped me appreciate you as a friend, and admire all your good qualities. Platonically, of course.
LATULA: You're right! It's been pretty rad when you put it that way.
KANKRI: Like how you never bought into the usual roles of your caste, as an aqua, not even the more "well intended" social conventions of your privileged aristocratic bloodline. You never looked down on anybody, or saw it as your civil duty to care for or "improve" the warmer classes, falling prey to unfortunate tendencies involving cerulean savior complex or the "blue blood's burden" (trigger warning on that, obviously) which sadly becomes so inseparable from the fabric of the spectral order, with each class conditioned to view those below it the same way, the obstacles to raising awareness were almost insurmountable. But unlike the cooler hues on our team more privileged than you, like your Serkets, your Zahhaks, your Amporas... I never got the sense that you put the slightest bit of stock in any of that, and I think that's pretty amazing.  #Cerulean saviors #Teal templars #Violet valiants #Purple paladins
LATULA: Uh... yeah! That shit'z a drag, why would I bother with any of that? I mean, I'll help low bloods learn stunts and cheat codez if they want, but that's it!!!
KANKRI: Right. And I'm just saying if my head was ever clouded by romantic feelings for you, I probably wouldn't be able to appreciate that about you.
KANKRI: Just like I wouldn't be able to appreciate the fairly cool "zees" you put at the end of many words, or say things loudly and with enthusiasm, even if it's not particularly warranted.  #It rarely is
LATULA: Heheh. Yeah!!!!  #woo!
KANKRI: Or the way your hair flows in the wind when you scoot over some sort of obstacle on your device really fast.
KANKRI: Or the way you make this funny little noise when you connect with one of your copious high fives, which can only be heard over the loud slap if you listen really closely.
LATULA: Um, yeah... I noticed... some stuff like that...
LATULA: About you too I guess?
LATULA: Heh.  #uh...
KANKRI: Or the way you have always shown kindness to people who needed help, without making them feel tragic or helpless for accepting it.
KANKRI: Or the way you still manage to look stylish even without your cool shades, or sometimes when they're propped up on your head just in front of your horns.
LATULA: Wh...  #I... #hm
KANKRI: Or, I don't know if you remember, that time Meenah baked everybody a cake. It was the first sweep anniversary of entering the game, one of the rare moments of solidarity and good cheer among our entire team at once. Everyone was raving about how good the fresh baked cake smelled, so you took a big sniff, I guess forgetting for a moment you couldn't smell. Then you quickly caught yourself, and played it cool making sure no one noticed, which no one did. But I noticed. And I just thought that was kind of endearing.
KANKRI: Anyway, I think all that would have been completely lost on me if we didn't have this strong platonic bond. I just thought I'd say that. Guess I'll be going now.
KANKRI: See you around, Latula.

KANKRI: In the future, I'll thank you not to embarrass me in front of my new disciples. Friends. I mean friends.  #Wait, what did I say? #Definitely meant friends
KANKRI: I really don't need you policing my awareness-raising rhetoric. You are not my "human mother".  #Weird human familial structures
PORRIM: What does that even mean??
KANKRI: You would understand if you spent time actually researching other cultures to gain a more comprehensive foundational perspective on our systematic problems instead of meddling in other people's enlightening and enormous conversations.  #I mean... #enormous in progressive virtue
PORRIM: All these sweeps and you still act like such a wiggler sometimes... Hey... is that...
PORRIM: Is that grub sauce on your face?
KANKRI: What? No.
PORRIM: Yes it is. You have a big smudge of sauce, right there. You're a mess, Kanny. Come here.
KANKRI: No! No, stop. Don't touch me, I got it!  #SEE??? #It's fine
PORRIM: Don't wipe it off with your sleeve! Oh my God. I JUST washed that for you.  #Ghost laundry
KANKRI: I don't care. I didn't ask you to wash my sweater. I keep telling you, I have no interest in Beforan possessions.  #Or Alternian #Or Earthly
PORRIM: We aren't on Beforus anymore. I worked hard on that sweater, and I'm not going to stand by while you encrust it in grub sauce.
KANKRI: I was perfectly happy without the sweater! To be honest, I'm less than thrilled with how it obscures my pant line.  #You can't even see my nice belt.
PORRIM: Sigh...  #You make me sigh so much #I'm almost left sighless
PORRIM: Why are you always so contrary with me? To be honest, I think your need to "rebel" against whatever I suggest is what drives your dismissal of my views more than anything about the views themselves.
KANKRI: I don't dismiss your views. I respect them. I have TOLD you this.
KANKRI: I think the role of gender in Beforan society is probably a really fascinating and advanced subject to explore. See, you and I can appreciate the subject, of course. I just don't think anyone is ready for that yet. There are so many other hurdles to overcome first.
PORRIM: Hurdles? Kanny, you should seriously stop overthinking this stuff. Even I don't know what you're talking about most of the time.
KANKRI: Look, I'm just saying, it's a huge risk opening that can of dirt noodles, trying to educate people on that subject on top of everything else. I just don't want to distract from all the more glaring issues that desperately need the full attention of our people if we are going to make any progress as a civilization.
PORRIM: Progress as a civilization?
PORRIM: Kankri. Our people are extinct, and you're worried about "distracting from the more glaring issues"?
KANKRI: Porrim, I'm very disappointed to hear you say that.
KANKRI: That was a very corporealnormative remark.  #Corporealnormativity #Mortality privilege #Soul shaming

KANKRI: Whoa, Meenah. I didn't see you come in. You should have come say hello.
MEENAH: yeah i didnt want to bother you and shoutier you over there  #or talk to or listen to or be around you
KANKRI: It would have been alright. Karkat and I were only a few hours from wrapping up our first of what I'm presuming will be many, many sessions together.  #so many
KANKRI: You and I have so much to discuss. I've really crystallized some problems. Eternity has really helped me make some progress on issues that matter to everybody. Even groups of people who don't technically exist.
KANKRI: I've had a lot of time to think. About that, and about us. Our team, I mean, and the mistakes we've made which were probably blessings in disguise. I know we had our differences, with you claiming the role as sort of our defacto leader, in terms of strategy and execution... literal execution, I suppose. While I rose to prominence among our peers as the undisputed spiritual shepherd of the group.  #Herding all these goddamn woolbeasts #Fuckin pain in the ass
MEENAH: whatever you say  #undisputed spiritual shepherd? #ahahahahaha
KANKRI: I've also heard you're recruiting members for a militia? Another bold endeavor. Not surprising, though. Before you embark, I do hope you'll set aside at least several sweeps to listen to some of my...
MEENAH: hey vantas
MEENAH: i really want to hear more of your garbage and lisfin to it all with hella baited breath  #baited like worms and such #fishin #38)
MEENAH: like i really really missed that you have no idea
MEENAH: but i have to go do
MEENAH: a thing  #uh #yeah
MEENAH: reel quick
MEENAH: can you wait
MEENAH: like right HERE
MEENAH: exactly this spot
MEENAH: for a few minutes
KANKRI: Absolutely!
KANKRI: Really, no hurry, I'll take the time to prepare some of my opening statements to better contextualize my prohibitively loquacious harangue. I mean friendly banter.
MEENAH: brb dog