checky9urprivilege: (I'll check it for you if you won't)

"mutant" is an offensive term

i prefer "differently-gened"

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Name:Kankri Vantas
Marvel comics-verse humanstuck AU. Move along, nothing to see here, check your OU privilege.

Interests (69):

ableism, adult privilege, agendas, anathemas, appropriation, being a slut-shamer, being an ally, broadness, celibacy, checking privilege, choo choo catastrophes, cisgenetic privilege, corporealnormativity, cultural appropriation, derailing for dummies, egalitarianism, embodying the tone argument, equality, essays, genetic superiority, geneticism, horizons, horizontal width longenning, ignoring intersectionality when it suits my needs, intersectionality, invoking the tone argument, lithromanticism, microaggressions, monologues, monosexual privilege, mortality privilege, mutantphobia, narratives, narr​atives, nasal privilege, new followers, non-incest privilege, oppression, oppression is a two-way street, power structures, privilege, problematic, problematizing, progressiveness, red miles, romantic privilege, sermons, sexual privilege, social justice, social justice blogging, soul shaming, speaking for marginalized people, speaking over marginalized people, tone argument, toxic signist language, transethnicity, transgeneticism, trigger warnings, tumblr, tw, undercomplication, unpacking the invisible knapsack, vanilla privilege, veganism, viscerality, we live in a post-sexist society right guys?, weird human familial structures, white man's burden, white savior complex
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